We provide broad range of System Administration services covering everything needed for physical, virtual & cloud environments.

With extensive background in Linux System Administration (10 and 15 years) we’ve developed know-how and experience-backed best practices for implementing and maintaining complex IT environments.

Our client portfolio features:
– Internet connectivity & web hosting providers
– dedicated servers, collocation and managed server hosting companies
– VPS / virtual server providers
– Cloud / Grid service providers
– IaaS / PaaS providers
– IT consulting outfits

Our standard System Admin services include:

 – Monitoring (24/7) of your servers and services from our distributed monitoring system with servers around the globe (Nagios/Icinga)
 – Alerting via email, text/sms, phone call
 – optional incident response service / action upon received alerts
 – Backup systems using standard tools or custom scripts for S3, FTP, NFS, samba; protocols rsync, s3 api, scp, ftp
 – Backup service for offsite backups, storing your data on our file storage
 – Consulting services on hourly basis or monthly flat rate
 – Designing high performance scalable systems, high availability clusters, redundancy, database replication
 – Installation of new servers, initial setup, reconfiguration, optimization for performance…
 – Security hardening, security auditing, firewalls, PCI compliance
 – server / service / website migrations



Web Hosting packages:


web quota: 1000 MB

# of web sites: 1 + 2 subdomains

number of databases: 0

traffic quota: 10 GB

cPanel & Softaculous: YES



web quota: 3000 MB

# of web sites: 3 + 3 subdomains

number of databases: 3

traffic quota: 30 GB

cPanel + Softaculous: YES



web quota: 20 GB

# of web sites: 5 + 5 subdomains

number of databases: 5

traffic quota: 150 GB

cPanel & Softaculous: YES




Operating Systems

Linux – Slackware – RedHat – Debian – Gentoo – OpenSUSE – Ubuntu – CentOS

Solaris – SunOS – FreeBSD – OpenBSD – NetBSD


Web / Cache

Apache – NGINX – Lighttpd – Memcached – Varnish – HA Proxy



Sendmail – Postfix – Qmail – Exim – SquirrelMail – Horde -Zimbra – Zarafa – AMaViS – ClamAV – SpamAssassin



MySQL – PostgreSQL – SQLite – MariaDB – Percona – Oracle DB – NoSQL – Riak – mongoDB – Redis



Nagios – Icinga – OpsView – Zabbix – Zenoss – OpenNMS – Cacti – HP SiteScope – ipMonitor


Control Panels

cPanel – Plesk Panel – ISPConfig – ZpanelCP


Cloud Computing

Xen – KVM – VmWare – CA 3Tera – VirtualBox – Qemu


Collaboration Suites

Jira – Cerb – OTRS – Confluence – Bugzilla – Mantis – Celoxis – Redmine – Trac



Rsync – BackupPC – Open-E – FreeNAS – Bacula – Amanda


Nenad Spirkoski mk

More than 15 years of practical experience in the field of System Administration of Unix and Linux servers.
At my previous work places, I was part of NOC / Operations team that maintained:
– core infrastructure such as DNS, backup, monitoring, log servers etc
– company internal systems
– cluster of around 40 servers for shared web and mail hosting
– multiple Cloud/Grid systems with dozens of host/nodes
– clients managed servers
– interventions / custom project work for clients

Very proficient with shell scripting, writing them on daily basis, mainly system administration related.
Security, Firewall, Backup, log, migrations etc…
A lot of experience managing web hosting servers with custom stacks and also control panels, especially cPanel, Plesk, ISPConfig, Zpanel.
Most proficient with virtualization stacks such as GridOS/3terra Applogic (Xen/KVM based), but also with bare virtualization setups.

Vladimir Mitic rs

Over 14 years of experience in managing, configuring and deployment of server infrastructure (Linux, *BSD, Windows)

My previous job experience includes:
– Managing core infrastructure at ISPs (Apache, DNS, radius, backup, security, automation, configuring and managing VPS clients)
– Managing servers with high profile websites, focusing on performance and security
– Working actively with development teams to provide infrastructure and support on mission critical web applications
– Tuning web applications
– Regular security assestments
– R & D

Experience with:
– Virtual technologies (OpenVZ/KVM/XEN/Vmware)
– High Availability technologies (HAProxy, pacemaker, heartbeat)
– Database technologies; SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra)
– System monitoring (Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix)
– Infrastructure automation (SaltStack)
– Various security related technologies
– System optimization, stress testing and benchmarking
– Bash shell scripting

< nebojsa Nebojsa Vucetic rs

Accomplished systems administrator with 8 years of experience managing server infrastructures and data-center operations across multiple platforms Unix,Linux,(LAN,WAN,and MAN networks).
Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize the IT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance.

On previous jobs my responsibilities were:
Monitoring network traffic and bottleneck using TCP/IP Wireshark or raw packet captures using tcpdump,etc..
Configuration of Cisco routers and switches(e.g 802.1q, STP, RSTP, VLAN, MPLS,protocols)
Configuring, optimizing, tuning and monitoring OS software and servers(Linux,Unix).
Ensuring all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up on daily basis.
Perform regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusions.
Cluster of around 30 servers for Wowd backend network.
Cloud computing on AWS.

daniel Daniel Correa co

I have knowledge on information security topics like cryptography, web application and binary attack vectors, reverse engineering and exploitation, banking server security, networking, and computer forensics.

Offensive Security Certified Professional
Offensive Security, License OS-PWK-02880
Starting April 2012

Offensive Security Certified Expert
Offensive Security, License OS-CTP-02811
Starting September 2014

Offensive Security Wireless Professional
Offensive Security, License OS-BWA-02770
Starting April 2015

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